I help people become effective Product leaders.

Product Managers. Product Owners. Founders. If you are one of the guiding voices behind a product, I’ll help you make the most of it.


products need leaders

Successful products come from diverse, talented teams with good leadership.

every leader is different

My coaching is tailored to the individual, and the possibilities of their role.

teach a man to fish

My ultimate goal is to get each person to the point where they no longer need my support.

a simple foundation

1) check-in

Product is full of challenges & emotions. So I always start with understanding how they feel, and what is on their mind.

2) FIND perspective

We review their expectations, goals and progress, to understand the bigger picture for their role and their product.


Together we decide which key topics to focus on next.



Observation – To coach effectively, I need to see each person in their environment, interacting with colleagues and solving problems.

Workshops – I facilitate sessions designed to overcome specific challenges, collaborate with others, and show key methods in action.

Working in tandem – I work in parallel with them on a task, so that we can compare & contrast for rapid feedback and iteration.

Coffee, Whiteboard and a Pen – many topics are just best taught simply.

Shaun didn’t just teach me the basics - from backlog management to AB test analysis - but helped me find my own voice as a product leader. With his guidance, I gained the confidence to contribute at a strategic level, and really shape the future of the product.

His passion for product also heavily influenced how the wider product team worked. He put the focus back on the customer in a very KPI-driven company, and created a more trusting relationship with stakeholders through open and honest communication.

Shaun has the rare ability to challenge, advise, and listen in the right quantities, encouraging individuals and teams alike to push themselves to the next step in their development.
— Lynsey Sime, Product Manager at Outfittery

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